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Abone Formu

Nalbur Teknik dergimize abonelik için aşağıdaki formu doldurmanız yeterlidir.

Yıllık abonelik(12 sayı) bedeli kdv dahil: 200₺
Yurtdışı abonelik (12 sayı) bedeli: 80€

2 yorum

  1. Good morning sir/madam,

    This is Barbara, from the sales department of “Lino Sella” company, an italian manufacturer of concrete mixers.

    Thanks to our quality we are well known in many foreing counties where we export
    and I am interested to expand/strenghthen our brand making also some advertisment or publishing articles regarding our products.
    reason why I am contactiing you.

    Please, may you send me some info about your services ?
    Just to see if there is the possibility to start doing somethng together.

    Of course i am at your disposal if you need any more info from my side.

    I thank you in advance and i look forward to hearing form you.
    My best regards